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ScotiaBank is a Canadian  multinational banking and financial services company.You may face difficulty to caliing customer service due to the large volume of customers, but if you are a little bit patient. Then you can use the information that you find on this page. I am sure that you will be able to get the appropriate help in a matter of minutes. Our goal is to help you save time and money. If you have any problem contacting the support service, then please come back to this page and leave us a message.We will try to help you as soon as possible.

How can I contact ScotiaBank customer service?

Customer Service Number

1 (800) 645-0288 (services for the hearing impaired)

(416) 701-7200

(Greater Toronto Area/outside Canada and the U.S.)
24/7 Available
Mobile Banking Support1 (877) 908-8866
Telephone Banking1 (800) 267-1234 (English)

1 (800) 575-1212 (French)

1 (800) 830-8800 (Cantonese)

1 (800) 830-8080 (Mandarin)
Credit Card Service1 (800) 387-6466 (Canada/USA)

(416) 288-1440 (Greater Toronto Area)

1 (800) 645-0288
(TTY – text telephone services for the hearing impaired Canada/USA)
Corporate Office AddressScotiabank
20 Queen Street West, 28th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3R3

What are the Common customer problems and how to solve them?

Account Access and Authentication IssuesYou may encounter difficulties accessing you online accounts or have concerns about account security.If you forget your account login password then please change your password with your mail Id. If you have advance security ( multi-factor authentication ) then please contact support agent to resolve your problem. You may visit the bank office personally to access your bank account.
Fraud and Unauthorized TransactionsIt happens due to fraudulent activities or unauthorized transactions on your accounts by bank or unknown source.If you received unauthorized transaction massage . Then Your should immediately contact support agent to block your account temporarily. If bank does unauthorized transaction due to penalty then ask the proper explanation.
Disputes and Billing ErrorsIt happens due to billing errors on their bank statements.You should ask support agent to rectify your account statement.
Loan and Mortgage InquiriesCustomers with loans or mortgages may need assistance with account information, payments, or refinancing options.You should ask support agent to provide you a dedicated loan and mortgage support teams to assist your all inquiries.You should read all information about loan payment options, refinancing opportunities, mortgage  terms  and interest rate.
Credit Card IssuesIt happens due to credit card limits, rewards programs, billing period inquiries or penalty rate.You should ask support agent to connect a specialized credit card support teams to assist your credit card applications and inquiries. You should read all policy term and conditions to eligible for rewards programs.
Retirement and Investment / Insurance InquiryIt happens due to different investment product offer by bank. It is very complex to understand to common person.You should ask support agent to assign a team that provide you personalized financial planning assistance for retirement and investment products. You should read all the term and conditions related to retirement and investment products.
Nominnne IssueIt happens due to unavailable Nominne in your Bank account.You should visit bank branch office personally with required documents for verification by Bank officer.
Un-Freeze account It happens due to death of account holder or
illegal activity in your account.
You should visit bank branch office personally with required documents for verification by Bank officer.
Cheque issueIt happens due to lost or finish of cheque pages .You should visit bank branch office personally to get new cheque book.
Phone number updateIt happens due to lost of cotact number or change it to new ones.You should visit bank branch office personally to change your contact number.
Routing Number InquiryIt happens due to people often forget Routing number for money transfer.You should check your cheque book left side to find the Routing number. It is a nine digit number identify as a unique bank address.

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